Lose the
weight for life
Pinsky Weight Loss Clinic programs aren’t about shots and starvation,compromising your health to be skinny,or radical surgical procedures.

None of those are sustainable.Your weight-loss journey is about proven methods that are medically, nutritionally,and emotionally sound.

You Have Unique Needs
Your lifestyle is your own, and sometimes there can be challenges. That’s okay, and very normal. We consider all that and more when it comes to designing an effective weight loss program just for you, that you can believe in. While your program will be personalized for you, take a look at the weight loss methods below and chose the one that best suits your goals. Not sure? When you visit with us, we’ll help you choose:

Full Meal Replacement

Choose this medical weight loss plan and you can safely lose 2-7 pounds per week by replacing your normal diet with calorie and portion controlled meal replacements which may also use a combination of appetite suppressing medications. Your health is a priority and these medical weight loss programs will deliver all the nutrition you need. Regular visits with your doctor and monitoring will help you achieve and maintain optimum health while quickly losing weight.

Partial Meal Replacement

If you’re not sure your lifestyle can support a full meal replacement weight loss program, or you just think you might be more successful with a blended weight loss program which may also use a combination of appetite suppressing medications, then this option may be prefect for you.

These medical weight loss programs combine traditional foods and portion controlled meal replacements to help you lose 1-3 pounds per week.

Lean and Green

Patients tell us they don’t feel hungry on our medical weight loss programs, but in case you do, you may choose to forego meal replacement altogether and use a combination of appetite suppressing medications and traditional foods as the basis for your effective weight loss program.

This option comes in many forms, but through it, you’ll learn to eat to use healthy, whole foods and lose the weight you want too.

These medical weight loss programs are just the beginning. Our medical weight loss doctors will customize a weight loss program that meets your lifestyle and your goals. Together we’ll choose a plan that will help you make long-term changes that will keep you healthy and trim for years to come.